Edit: It’s way more than 10 now 😀

While our goal at CryptoLocation is to help you find the best crypto legal and tax service, sometimes we like to take off our pocket protectors, loosen our tie, and get down to some “tunes”. After all, accountants can have fun too, right?

Music and memes are a reflection of culture. What happens when you combine the two? Magic. Bitcoin BTC 4.45% and other cryptocurrencies have already begun to shape pop culture and our lexicon. Below, you’ll find our favorite Bitcoin songs of all time:


Released around the peak of the 2017 crypto run-up, this video brings back positive memories for most hodlers. Chris is still making crypto music. Congrats on making it out the other side, brother!


2. The Bitcoin Bubble

Nothing says “currency of the internet” quite like this original English take on a foreign music video.

3. Old Town Road (Bitcoin Version)

The 2018 decline of altcoins and their inability to keep pace with Bitcoin in a nutshell. We can all look back and laugh about it now, right?

4. Lambo Land

Like #HODLGANG, this was released at the peak of the 2017 run and really captures the vibe at the time.

5. Bitcoin Billionaire

Too cringe for even us, but you can’t deny the lyrical talent.

6. Bitcoin

Made popular by professional gamer, Tfue, this music is a true original and one of the few non-memes.

7. Bitcoin Barron

We’re reaching wayyy back for this piece of art. Created in 2013, Bitcoin Barron has stood the test of time.

8. Crypto

Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear some different styles. Here we have a bit of reggae/calypso. Calypto?

9. Not This Time (The Bitcoin Obituaries Song)

This video shows every time Bitcoin has “died”, put to a popular 2016 pop/dance hit.

10. BitConnect

Let’s be real – it wouldn’t be a complete song/meme list without Carlos of Bitconnect fame. We hope Carlos is doing well.

11. Saylor Bitcoin Bull

If we have to watch it, so do you. Rumor has it that this masterpiece single-handedly kicked off the 2020-2021 bull run.


This might be the best crypto song to listen to on repeat.

13. Bitcoin Plz Go to Moon

Ever wanted to listen to the same song 100 times? Well you’re in luck…

14. Buy Low $ell High

This bumps.

15. Scared Money

Also bumps.

16. 88N8 Digital Gold

You guessed it. Bumps.

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