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Patrick Camuso, CPA

Patrick Camuso, CPA

Patrick Camuso, the founder of Camuso CPA, set out to design a firm that transcends the standard industry client service models. He has done this by taking an entrepreneurial approach to delivering clients the level of service and attention they require in an increasingly complex and rapidly developing business landscape.

Camuso worked at Deloitte prior to launching his own CPA firm where he consulted with the world’s premier asset managers, real estate companies and retailers. Calculating your capital gains or losses for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies isn’t always easy. To calculate your cryptocurrency tax and pay the least amount of tax legally possible you need to determine the cost-basis of every token you purchase, track every sale, and be able to work out the best way to identify your trades to optimize your taxes.

We help people with these common issues:

  • Your portfolio is getting too complicated
  • Your current CPA doesn't understand your cryptocurrency filing requirements
  • Your current CPA's processes and workflows are outdated
  • Your CPA doesn't file your tax returns accurately or on time and it's impacting your bottom line

We help with the following cryptocurrency accounting needs:

  • Cryptocurrency portfolio assessments and consultations
  • Reduced tax liabilities
  • Increased Understanding of tax landscape as it applies to your business and/or portfolio
  • Accurate accounting and audit trails


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525 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC, USA
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