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Jason Tyra, CPA
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Jason Tyra, CPA

Jason Tyra provides full-service tax preparation and tax planning services year-round, in all fifty US states and to US expatriates outside the United States. He runs one of the first licensed accounting firms to work with Bitcoin and remains one of the leading firms in the virtual currency community. Clients are some of the most prominent figures and companies in Bitcoin.

Tyra calculates your gains or losses on virtual currency activity using your records so that you don’t have to. He also identifies any deductions or credits to which you may be entitled and seek out opportunities to reduce your tax burden in future years. Jason Tyra believes that there is nothing patriotic about paying taxes that you don’t owe.

We offer remote collaboration with your privacy in mind; we understand the needs and expectations of the virtual currency community; and we guarantee timely, accurate, and relevant service.


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1700 Pacific Avenue, Dallas, TX, USA
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