This guide walks you through features and functionality of our website. While the site is intuitive, there are some more subtle features that you may find helpful.

Get started with search

Home (search by state or search all): The most common way to find what you’re looking for is to search from the home page. From here, you can click into your state and see a complete list. There is also an option to view all listings in the US by clicking the hyperlinked text that reads “or view all listings here >”.

How to search

Alternative option (custom search): A slightly more complex but powerful option is to utilize the dedicated search page and apply all your filters from the beginning.

Filter results

Filtering is a powerful tool that will continue to become more useful as our database grows. Below is a list of filters you can access by clicking on the “Filter Listings” button at the top left of all listing pages.

  • Location (state, major cities)
  • ZIP Code
  • Ratings
  • Service (EA, CPA, Lawyer)
  • Listing Keywords

View results

By default, you will see listing blocks, but changing your view can really help visualize the location of each crypto tax professional. Click the “View As” button at the top right of your screen and select “Map” to see a Google Map view of all your filtered results. You can even get directions with one click.

map feature

Read each person’s crypto bio

Each listing spells out the areas of crypto taxation your selected tax pro specializes in. There is a wide variety of complexity when it comes to cryptocurrency taxation ranging from light trading to launching an ICO while running a mining operation. Below are a few examples of areas certain professionals focus on:

  • Filing accurately for 2019 based on current rules and regulations
  • Designing creative strategies to minimize your crypto tax burden
  • Truing up previous years filings
  • Preparing for an IRS audit or court date
  • Launching your own ICO
  • Understanding the tax implications of mining cryptocurrency

In addition to these details, you can find contact information or simply contact them directly from their listing using the contact form.

Write a review

Find a great tax professional? Let others know about it! Your review helps others in the crypto community find the best tax pro near them. Submitting a review can be done towards the bottom of each listing. Just sign up (super simple) and look for this box:

crypto pro review example

Are you a small business looking to get involved?

I want to get listed!

Visit our registration page and enter your information. We’ll just run a quick check to make sure everything is configured correctly, and you’ll be live and collecting leads in no time!

My business is already listed

Claim your profile for free. All you need to do is go to your listing and click the “Claim Now” button located about 2/3 down your listing page.

How to claim your business

Clicking the “Claim Now” button will present a short form. Submit the form and we’ll approve the claim once we’ve confirmed your identity.

claim form example

After confirmation, you will have the ability to edit every aspect of the page (including some hidden features like video) and truly show what makes you the best crypto tax professional. Bonus: you’ll get a nice badge next to your listing and the contact form will automatically route to your email address! Solicit some reviews and watch your ranking improve. 🙌 

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