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Clinton Donnelly, JD
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Clinton Donnelly, JD

Clinton Donnelly specializes in preparing tax returns for Americans living abroad (expats) and internationals with U.S. tax filing obligations. Whether you’ve received a letter from the IRS, need tax returns prepared, or need tax amnesty, he can help.

Many of Donnelly's clients have cryptocurrency tax obligations. He makes sure not just the capital gains are reported but also the foreign asset and account forms are filled correctly, completing over 200 of these reports. For crypto traders, he goes beyond preparing a return to anticipating how the IRS will select returns to examine. He includes the anti-money laundering reports and other advanced techniques to avoid audits and examinations.

With clients in 47 countries, Donnelly has prepared over 600 tax amnesty returns. In 2018, he represented 97 clients before the IRS recovering over $600,000 of taxes owed or claimed by the IRS.


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12333 Sowden Rd, Houston, TX, USA
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