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Eric Skaff, CPA
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Eric Skaff, CPA

Eric Skaff co-founded Arizona Tax Advisors after seeing so many businesses and individuals struggling to understand their tax situation. Skaff takes pride in spending as much time as is needed with each client and helping them to learn, grow, and succeed.

Skaff has been serving as an accounting and finance professional for over ten years. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, he moved to Arizona and worked for a small public accounting firm in Phoenix where he worked in assurance and tax services.

Even with the gain in popularity within the last year, the idea of ‘Bitcoin’ is foreign to most, including the IRS! They have committed resources to learn, regulate, and gain an understanding of what  ‘cryptocurrency’ should be classified as a capital asset with capital gains, like stocks, or assets and taxed at individual rates. All they know is with potential for large gains, comes their chance to get big tax dollars, so it’s critical to accurately report earnings.

As an investor in cryptocurrency, Skaff has extensive knowledge of the various types of cryptocurrency, and what each one is designed to do, and as an accounting professional we keep up on the tax implications of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency accounting.


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622 S Hacienda Dr, Tempe, AZ, USA
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